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My apologies for the quality… BlackBerries have a little ways to go in terms of video capturing.

55-gallon drum

There are few things manlier than steel and rust.  What does this have to do with the Water Ball or clean water?  Not much at all.  However, we have been on the phone this morning with a number of local suppliers of 55-gallon steel drums, trying to sort out some details for our big night.

We’re hoping to create a number of enjoyable surprises surrounding our First Annual Water Ball, and we thought we’d shed a little light behind the scenes.

One component of the Water Ball will involve a 55-gallon drum and you.  Rest assure though, the drum we’ll be dealing with is a lot cleaner than the one you see here.

it's official

The Water Ball website is officially up and running (sort of)… stand by as we polish it up a bit.

We just came across a great video by Costa Del Mar. It portrays, incredibly well, the devotion fishermen have for the preservation of our natural resources, “you get so close to that fish, that all you think about is protecting it.”

We just came across this really cool time lapse video, taken from the Ravenel Bridge. (Compliments of Palmetto Sky Media)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of reports about an extensive amount of erosion occuring at Folly Beach. We headed out this morning to check it out ourselves; here’s what we spotted.